Lang Theatre

Lang Theatre (piano)
Capacity: 260 people seated (with an additional 20 ppl standing)
Best Use: Performances, Concerts, Film Screenings, Corporate Meetings
Rate: $500 per hour (8am – 11:59pm)
After Midnight Rate: $750 per hour (12:00am – 7:59am)
Technical/Rehearsal Rate: $150

The Atlas, LLC is dedicated to providing quality performing arts spaces at the Atlas Performing Arts Center to professional non-profit arts organizations.

The  prices below are based on individual performances, with a running time of two hours with two hours set-up and one hour break-down. They include a theatre manager, who acts as an interface with the facilities and one house manager, who handles all audience relations during the performance. These estimates are a starting point, and many performances have additional costs involved. If you are interested in producing at the Atlas, please submit performance inquiry form below along with proof of non-profit status and we will see if your production is a fit for the Atlas Performing Arts Center’s programming. After approval, a full and more accurate estimate will be presented.